I’d just like to say how much my wife and I enjoyed this years festival.
We always attend on the Friday afternoon from around 2-6pm when it’s
not too busy.  It was nice to have a bit of entertainment this year.

We have previously been reglular attenders of Worcester festival but
decided last year would be our last.  I fed back our reasons – expensive
entry costs, expensive beer, lack of dark ales, lack of 1/3rds.

Bromsgrove makes none of those mistakes!  The entry price is fair, I
always find a good number of dark ales to try (7 this year, including
the delicious beer of the festival) and always have 1/3rds so I have
room left to switch to real cider, another favourite drink of mine.

Refunding the full cost of the festival glass when we leave is another
positive attribute of the Bromsgrove festival.

As far as I’m concerned, you have the organisation just right so no need
to change.  Long may it continue (and the Diamond bus 42/43 services too
or we’d never get there!).

I had good time and the really good, Paul good on the drums

Fantastic weekend , well organised and run ,but on a personal note the fruity ciders ran out far too soon – a 12 out of 10 from me

Brilliant set up, another great year, Ron Jeremy banded rocked the night, great to see so many beers and people having fun

Consistently brilliant and extremely well organised and run. Loved this years Camra evening as I do each year. Stunning selection. Well done to all.

We had a great evening Friday, set up the gazebo, relax and enjoyed a huge variety of ale’s and cider.

Fantastic beer festival the best so far

Brilliant weekend! Well done all !

Had an awesome night! Thank you to all involved in organising yet another fantastic event.

Well done everyone great weekend the best festival yet!

Congratulations and well done to the organisers and staff you did a fantastic job.

Shame you couldn’t do this twice a year

Really enjoyed the band on Saturday afternoon.

We had a great time again this year – thanks, guys!

Great day as always. Thank you very much.

That was THE BEST!!

Fabulous weather for it, a great night

A great night out!

It gets better every year roll on next year

We will be returning tonight for round 2.

Looking forward to my round 1!