Beer List

Beer List  UPDATED 29th June 2022 22:51

Note : Not all beers may be available or ready at all sessions.

New for 2022 KegKeg showcasing a variety of styles and flavours.

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BEERS (Cask 1-144 and KeyKeg 145-153 )

Search Vg for beers declared as Vegan, and GF for Gluten Free. Based on information provided by the breweries. Full allergen information will be available at the festival on request.

14 ChapsBest Bitter4.2%Best Bitter
2Abbey AlesWhite Friar5.0%Strong Ale
3AlmastyAlmasty Bitter4.5%Best Bitter
4Alnwick Brewing Co.Alnwick Amber Ale3.8%Bitter
5Ambridge BreweryIndian Troup Ale4.5%Best Bitter
6Ambridge BreweryZenyk (Ukrainian Beer)5.0%Strong Ale
7Anarchy Brew Co.Demon Fangs5.6%Strong Ale
8Backyard BrewhouseBlonde4.1%Bitter
9Backyard BrewhouseTennis Elbow4.2%Best Bitter
10BarumPilton Hopster4.4%Best Bitter
11Bays BreweryDevon Dumpling5.1%Strong Ale
12Beat BreweryJungle Drum Machine5.0%Strong Ale
13Beowulf Brewing CompanyDragon Smoke4.6%Stout
14Bewdley BreweryRed Hill4.4%Best Bitter
15Bewdley BrewerySVR Jubilee (GF)4.3%Best Bitter
16Big Bog Brewing CompanyTalus4.4%Best Bitter
17Big Hand BrewingHavok5.0%Strong Ale
18Birmingham Brewing CompanyESB (AKA Extra Special Brummie) (GF) (Vg) 7.4%Strong Ale
19Birmingham Brewing CompanyKiwi Brummie (Vg) 3.8%Bitter
20Bishop NickRidley's Rite3.6%Bitter
21Black Country AlesChain Ale4.2%Best Bitter
22Black Country AlesPlum Pig4.3%Mild
23Black Storm BreweryIPA5.5%Strong Ale
24Black Storm BreweryTropical Storm4.2%Best Bitter
25Blue Monkey BreweryInfinity Plus 1
5.6%Strong Ale
26Box SteamSoul Train4.0%Bitter
27Brecon BrewingCorn Du5.0%Strong Ale
28BrentwoodHope and Glory4.5%Best Bitter
29Brew 61Grazing Girls4.5%Best Bitter
30Brew 61Greenfield Gold3.8%Best Bitter
31BrewshedAmerican Blonde5.5%Strong Ale
32BridgetownCheeky Blonde4.2%Best Bitter
33Burning SkyAurora5.6%Strong Ale
34Burton TownCascade (GF) (Vg)5.6%Strong Ale
35ByattsMadagascar Stout4.4%Stout
36Caps OffMilk Stout5.1%Stout
37Church EndStout Coffin4.6%Stout
38Cliff QuaySea Dog5.5%Strong Ale
39Cloudwater PARTY! Hopfenweisse 7th Birthday7.0%Speciality
40Coach HouseStrawberry Blonde4.1%Bitter
41ColchesterBrazilian Coffee & Vanilla Porter4.6%Porter
42Copper Street8713.8%Bitter
43Crackle RockCrackatoa6.2%Strong Ale
44Crouch ValeAmarillo5.0%Strong Ale
45CullercoatsJack the Devil4.5%Best Bitter
46DerbyPenny's Porter4.6%Porter
47Devon Earth BreweryGrounded
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4.7%Best Bitter
48DhillionsFair Lady (HAZY)4.5%Best Bitter
49Dig BrewMild4.2%Mild
50DownlandsParticle Horizon4.8%Strong Ale
51DowntonsApple Blossom4.3%Best Bitter
52DurhamDeja Moo5.1%Stout
53ElgoodsLa La La La La3.9%Bitter
54EnvilleAPA4.3%Best Bitter
55EnvilleEnville White4.2%Best Bitter
56Fat CatLockdown IPA5.7%Strong Ale
57FirebrandPatchwork Rocket4.2%Bitter
58FirebrickToon Broon4.6%Best Bitter
59First and LastEquinox Pale4.1%Bitter
60Fixed WheelG-Whizz4.4%Best Bitter
61Fixed WheelNo Brakes IPA5.9%Strong Ale
62Flying MonkElmers3.8%Bitter
63FownesFrost Hammer4.6%Best Bitter
64FownesKorvak's Burden4.0%Stout
65GrainLignum Vitae6.5%Strong Ale
66Great North EasternRivet Catcher (GF)4.0%Bitter
67Green DuckBostin' Mild3.2%Mild
68Green DuckVanilla Sky5.0%Stout
69Green JackLGM1 (Little Green Men one)4.2%Bitter
70Gwaun ValleyFishguard Special Bitter (FSB)4.7%Bitter
71Hadrian Border BreweryTreasure of Vigo Bay
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72HartleburyAPA4.5%Best bitter
73HartleburyBitter Strikes Back3.8%Bitter
74Harwich TownBathside Battery4.2%Best Bitter
75Stealth Brewery (late replacement)Tiptoe4.2%
Best Bitter
77HobsonsTwisted Spire3.5%Bitter
78Holden'sBlack Country Mild3.7%Mild
79Holden'sBlack Country Special5.1%Strong Ale
80Hop KettleMaibock4.0%Bitter
81Hop UnionHambrook Pale4.0%Bitter
82Hops and DotsDo you want to buy a speedboat3.9%Bitter
83Humpty DumptyLemon & Ginger4.0%Bitter
84IlkleyLotus5.5%Strong Ale
85IncredibleAmerican Wheat5.2%Speciality
86Kinver65 Special (Vg)6.5%Strong Ale
87KinverKhyber (Vg)5.8%Strong Ale
88LaconsLegacy4.4%Best Bitter
89Leigh-on-SeaBoatyard IPA5.0%Strong Ale
90LithicBlack IPA4.0%Bitter
91Little OxHufflepuff3.8%Bitter
92LudlowBlack Knight4.5%Stout
93Lymestone BreweryStone Faced
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4.0%Best Bitter
94Lymestone BreweryStone Cutter3.7%Bitter
95MarbleMetric (otherwise known as Pint..)3.9%Bitter
96MillstoneTrue Grit5.0%Strong Ale
97MuckleMuckle Tickle4.0%Bitter
98NethergateStour Valley Gold4.2%Best Bitter
99Northern AlchemyI Work & I Work4.7%Strong Ale
100OakhamCitra4.2%Best Bitter
101Olde Swan (Ma Pardoes)Bumble Hole5.2%Strong Ale
102Olde Swan (Ma Pardoes)Dark Swan5.9%Mild
103On Point Brew CoSun Set
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104One Mile EndJuicy 4PM4.9%Strong Ale
105Platform 5The Coaster4.0%Bitter
106PowderkegSpeak Easy4.3%Best Bitter
107PurityMad Goose (Vg)4.2%Best Bitter
108PurityPure UBU (Vg)4.5%Best Bitter
109QuantockWill's Neck4.3%Best Bitter
110Red FoxWily Old Fox5.2%Strong Ale
111SalopianLemon Dream4.5%Best Bitter
113SaltaireDDH Citra4.2%Best Bitter
114Sarah HughesDark Ruby6.0%Mild
115SlaughterhousePoking the Bear4.5%Best Bitter
116SlaughterhouseWild Boar5.2%Strong Ale
117Stannary (colab with Loxley of Sheffield)North by South West4.8%Strong Ale
118Steam TownBarton4.0%Bitter
119StonehengeDanish Dynamite5.0%Strong Ale
120Strawberry FieldsMarmalade Skies Orange Oatmeal Stout4.5%Stout
121TeignmouthPortside4.3%Best Bitter
122Teme ValleySunny Side3.8%Bitter
123Teme ValleyWotever next5.0%Strong Ale
124ThornbridgeJaipur IPA5.9%Strong Ale
125Three TunsCleric's Cure IPA5.0%Strong Ale
126Three TunsXXX 4.3%Best Bitter
128Twisted BarrelGod's Twisted Sister4.5%Stout
129Twisted OakFallen Tree3.8%Bitter
130Tyne BankSMaSH Fusion5.5%Strong Ale
131Vocation + AmundsenHawking4.0%Bitter
132Weatheroak BreweryBees Knees3.7%Bitter
133Weatheroak BreweryRedwood

* Programme Change *
4.4%Best Bitter
134Weatheroak HillGypsy Water (Vg)4.5%Best Bitter
135Weatheroak HillSlow Lane (Vg)4.4%Best Bitter
136Well Drawn2nd Breakfast IPA5.1%Strong Ale
137WibblersApprentice (GF)3.9%Bitter
138Wild BeerBibble4.2%Best Bitter
139WobblyWelder4.8%Strong Ale
140Woodcote Brewing Co.Crusade4.5%Best bitter
141Woodcote Brewing Co.Oatmeal Stout4.7%Stout
142WookeyAutumn Gail4.2%Best Bitter
143Wye ValleyButty Bach4.5%Best bitter
144Wye ValleyHopfather4.0%Bitter
145AtticTuck Shop (Rhubarb & Custard Sour)6.0%Speciality
146BeakMush (Vg)6.0%Speciality
147Burning SoulIce Cream Pale5.6%Speciality
148Green Duck Beer CoPacific Pils (Vg)4.6%Lager
149Green Duck Beer CoAll Gas No Brakes
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150Green Duck Beer CoRemedy (Vg)4.0%Bitter
151PurityPure Helles Lager (GF) (Vg)5.0%Lager
152PuritySession IPA (GF) (Vg)4.5%Best Bitter
153Woodcote Brewing Co.Randan5.0%Bitter