Beer List

Beer List – Provisional Beer List – Updated 15/06/2018

Note this list is draft and WILL change before the festival!!

AJ’s Ales Let’s get KANE’d
Ambridge IPB mild
Ambridge Tims Tipple
Bewdley 10th Anniversary Ales – Decennium
Bewdley William Mucklow’s Dark Mild
Black Country Bradleys Finest Golden
Blind Monkey Albion Pale Ale
Blind Monkey Blonde Bombshell
Dig Brew 000
Enville Saaz
Enville Three Lions
Fixed Wheel Blackheath Stout
Fixed Wheel Chain Reaction
Fownes Korvak’s Downfall
Fownes Elephant Riders
Green Duck Beat the Devil Porter
Green Duck Bliss
Hobsons Mild
Hobsons Town Crier
Holden’s Black Country Bitter
Holden’s Black Country Mild
Kinver Legion Beer  (TBC)
Kinver Over the edge
Lake House Citrus Pale
Olde Swan (Ma Pardoes) Dark Swan
Olde Swan (Ma Pardoes) White Widow
Purity Mad Goose
Purity Ubu
Sadler’s Mellow Yellow
Sadler’s Mud City Stout
Sarah Hughes Hedgerow
Sarah Hughes Sarah’s Pale Ale (SPA)
Slaughterhouse Boar D’eau
Slaughterhouse Wild Boar
Sociable Bun Fight
Teme Valley Saint of Ales
Teme Valley Wotever next?
The Hop Shed (prev. Unity) Pekin Pale Ale
Weatheroak Keystone Hops
Weatheroak Weatheroak Ale
Weatheroak Hill Juno
Weatheroak Hill Sunshine Marmalade
Woodcote Manor Cap’n Wills Rum Stout
Woodcote Manor Special Pale Ale
Wye Valley Butty Bach
Wye Valley Wholesome Stout
4T’s Mango Fever
Abbeydale Birdhouse Tea Beer
Animal Bad Kitty
Art Brew Baby Anarchist
Backyard Blonde
Bang On Arthur
Banks & Taylor Dragon Slayer (St.Georges)
Barum EPA
Batham Best Bitter
Beat Ales Cosmic Pop
Beowulf Heroes
Bespoke Celeia
Black Bear Baby Bear
Black Flag Fang
Black Hole Super Nova
Blindmans Golden Spring
Blue Bee Deutsche Pale
Box Steam Tunnel Vision
Bradfield WimBULLdon
Bradford Lemon and Lime Wheat Beer
Brentwood Hope & Glory
Brotherhood American Red
Butcombe Gold
Church End Gravediggers
Clavell and Hind Blunderbuss
Cotleigh Commando Hoofing
Croft Ales Beast
Dark Revolution So Yo
Devon Earth Devon Earth
Downton Elderquad
Drop the Anchor Tucktonia
Dynamite Valley Brian
Electric Bear Edison British Pilsner
Emal Isca Gold
Empire Smoking Pistol
Fat Belly Crafty
Fine Tuned Sunshine Reggae
Fishkey Hop 2 It
Glede Tuckers Nuts
Gloucestershire Dockside Dark
Great Newsome Elderflower Power
GT 194
Gyle 59 Take it easy
Hal’s Ales Hal’s Gold
Hamelsworde Haley’s Comet
Hattie Brown Moonlite
Hydes Den Haag
Itchen Valley World Cup SMaSH
Jollyboat Mainbrace
Joule’s Pale Ale
Joule’s Slumbering Monk
Kelham Island Pale Rider
Ludlow Blonde
Ludlow Gold
Mad Dog Bohemian Hipster
Mallinsons Special Pale
Milestone Colonial
Milk Street Gulp
Mr Grundys Big Willie
Naylors Toffee Mild
Neepsend Demeter
Newbridge Solaris
Old Norway Orcadian Barley Wine
Orkney Northern Light
Ossett Excelsior
Pheasantry Lincoln Tank Ale
Phoenix Tennis Elbow
Pitchfork Goldbine
Ran Rum and Raisin Stout
Rat Ratman and Robin
Rebel Eighty Shilling
Revolutions Everybody wants to rule the world
Rooster’s Baby Faced Assassin
Salamander Bogeyman IPA
Salopian Darwins Origin
Salopian Lemon Dream
Saltaire Blackberry Cascade
Severn Brewing Copper
Shiny Disco Balls
Skinners-TO BE REPLACED Penny Come Quick
Spitting Feathers Empire IPA
St.Georges By George
St.Ives SPA
Stockport Cascade
Stonehenge Pigswill
Stroud Big Cat Organic Stout
Swan Arm Breaker
Swannay Barrel aged Orkney Porter
Three Tuns XXX
Timothy Taylor Poulter’s Porter
Titanic Nautical Mild
Tres Bien Air Mail
Two Roses Wentworth IPA
Tyne Bank Nortern Porter
Upham Fields of Gold
Wessex Mild
Wimbledon Quartermaine IPA
XT 13 Red Pacific Hopped
Yeovil P.O.S.H